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Support and bottom gauze

for catalytic nitric

acid production

Bottom and support gauze are used in plants for catalytic production of nitric acid (HNO3).

We manufacture bottom gauze according to customer requirements in different sizes and designs. Bottom gauze with a mesh size of 2.3 mm and a wire diameter of 1.2 mm are frequently used. Special wires with material numbers 2.4869 (NiCr 8020) or 1.4864 (NiCrSi 3616) are used for production. Sizes from 590 mm to 5590 mm diameter have already been manufactured in our company. We can offer various material designs and mesh sizes that cater to the specific needs of our customers as and when needed.

Supporting gauze is usually made of special wires with material numbers 2.4869 (NiCr 8020) or 1.4864 (NiCrSi 3616).

Here, a flat spiral square mesh is used. A mesh size of 15/30 mm with a wire diameter of 1.2 mm is frequently used. Other mesh sizes and wire thicknesses (such as 10 x 23 mm or 12 x 12 mm) can also be produced on request, please contact us.

Curt Ebert supplies support and bottom gauze nets to customers worldwide:

• Plant manufacturers in Germany
• Nitric acid plants in Germany, Austria, 

   Belgium, Ireland, India, Pakistan,
   South Africa, South Korea, Egypt, Chile,

   and numerous other countries

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