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Screen tensioning service

Screen tensioning service

Examples from our product portfolio
We manufacture screen frames for circular and rectangular screening machines and also offer screen tensioning service with excellent quality. For our tensioning service, it does not matter if it is a well-known brand of Sweco, Engelsmann, Allgaier, Russel, or Telsonic sieve frames for ultrasonic. Our own designs are also no problem for us.

Whether used in the chemical industry, in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of paints and varnishes, in process and wastewater purification, or in mineral processing; our sieve frames can be used everywhere.

Our covered frames are used for screening betonite, pumice powder, flower pollen, bronze powder, chrome ore, dolomite powder, fiber chips, fish feed, gelatin, gypsum, wood chips, hard metal powder, wood flour, coffee, cocoa powder, lime, limestone powder, coal, metal powder, powder coating, sulfur, starch powder, styrofoam, and many others.

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