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Grid Screens

Fabric-like, one-sided smooth grids made of round wires

Product Description:
RUNDRA screens are grids of intersecting round warp and weft wires, smoothly pre-bended on one side, with an additional locking mechanism between the bends. The one-sided smooth wire bend gives the RUNDRA screens the smooth sieve surface. The locking mechanisms provide double fixation of the warp and weft wires at their crossing points.

RUNDRA screens are fabric-like screens and in the sense of the standardization according to DIN 4185 page 1 "flat structures with similar openings in a regular arrangement".


For information on standard specifications and material data, please refer to the data sheet.


  • RUNDRA screens with a smooth sieve surface on one side process all materials, provided there is no risk of clogging, and provide an enormous increase in performance.

  • Double fixation of the wires at their crossing points ensures maximum mesh strength and thus an even classification.

  • Special wires, tested numerous times, guarantee highest wear resistance, best breakage resistance and long durability.

  • RUNDRA screens are suitable for all screening machines, screening- and washing-drums.


PS Grid Screens

Screens made of press-welded round wires with square or rectangular openings

Product Description:
PS Grids are screens made of wires crossing each other at a 90° angle and placed on top of each other at the crossing points, attached by press-welding.

The pressure welding of the smooth wires is a resistance welding with a real fusion process that creates an invariable strong binding.


For information on standard specifications and material data, please refer to the data sheet.


  • No loosening of wire crossings, no breaking of wires when the screen is properly fixed to the support beams and edge supports of the screening machine frame.

  • PS Grids are suitable for all screening machines, screening and washing drums, especially for coarse screening.

  • In these screens, the smooth top wires as "longitudinal wires" are about ¾ of the wire thickness higher than the uppermost side of the cross wires welded underneath. This wire arrangement "guides" the oversized particles and allows them to enter the overflow more quickly, while the passing particles slip out more quickly.

  • PS Grids were created especially for rough operation. They are characterized by an unchanging mesh weave even under the most severe strain, up to the point of complete wear of the wires, and thus enable good grain separation.


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