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Installation of screens

Installation of screens:

  • Before installing the new screen, thoroughly clean all screen support surfaces of the screening machine frame from adhering material.

  • Check the rubber coverings on the raised supports for abrasion and correct height, replace if necessary.

  • The tensioning rails or tensioning hooks must fully engage in the screen tensioning folds.

  • Always pre-tension the screen evenly from the center of the fold to the right and left; only then stretch it so tightly that the screen rests fully and firmly on all supports.

  • In the case of longitudinal tensioners, do not carry out the required lateral wedging until the screen is correctly tensioned.

  • Re-tighten tensible screens after 2 - 4 hours of operation. Check whether the screen is fully and firmly supported on all supports. It is recommended to re-tighten the screen after another 8 - 10 hours of operation.

  • In the case of longitudinal tensioners, the lateral wedges must be loosened before each re-tensioning. Tighten the wedges again after tensioning. In the case of transverse tensioners with a central cover rail, make sure that the screen is re-tensioned on both sides.


To avoid operational downtime:

  • Daily inspection of the screen for tensioning faults and wear avoids sudden operational downtime in many cases.

  • Wire breakages, the so-called "flutter breaks", e.g., above or close to the supports, only occur if the tensioning is not correct. (The screen does not lie fully and firmly on the appropriate support, or the tension is too loose). Therefore, check the tension regularly and retighten if necessary!

  • Repair minor damage to the screen as soon as possible. How? By pulling in new wires, by putting on and tying down old wire cloth pieces. But never weld screens made of spring steel wire!

  • Replace the screen in time before the wire is completely worn out in order to prevent possible malfunctions.

  • If cleaning the screen is necessary, do not damage the screen! This applies especially to all harp screens and screens made of thin wires.

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